Monday, March 21, 2011

A Very Productive Monday

Today, while Corban napped, I designated the top food shelf in our pantry to his GF foods.  Over time, and as Corban begins to eat more of the same food we eat, I assume our diets will all become mostly GF. Nathan and I may have a secret indulgence stashed here or there, but in order to keep Corban healthy, I'd like to eliminate as much gluten as possible in our diets as well.  Until that time, this top shelf is keeping all of Corban's foods safe and sound.

I have found a GF flour substitute on another website that has great reviews, so I have purchased all of the ingredients and will be making it soon. Once I do, and taste it, I will also post it here.  Giving credit where credit is due, of course. The author says it is a great 1:1 substitute for conventional wheat in most recipes-- except for making bread.  Since I have also found a great GF bread for sandwiches, I don't expect that to be a problem right away.

I wasn't the only one who made a great effort in our new GF lifestyle today. Corban did something almost unthinkable-- he asked for a piece of toast!  It may have been inspired by the fact that I bought him his very own toaster (specially for the GF bread) this morning. But, whatever the reason, after he woke up from his nap, he asked for a piece of toast.  I was excited to try the new GF bread we purchased (by chance) a few weeks ago at Costco. So, I pulled it out of the fridge and handed a piece to Corban to pop in the toaster. 

Now, don't get too excited. For those of you who aren't familiar with Corban's hate-hate relationship with food, actually asking for a particular food by name is only step 5 in the 10 step process to get Corban to willingly take a bite of any particular food.  So, when the toast popped up, I enthusiastically buttered and cut it and placed it before my adorable son, all the while promising him how yummy it would taste.  Of course he immediately rejected it. He didn't even touch it.  But, he did spend the next several minutes talking about the toast, pointing to the toast, and pouring cinnamon on the toast.  This may sound like a ridiculous waste of time (and pricey bread), but I promise, this is progress in Corban's World.

The bread we purchased is from Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery, we bought all three varieties, but the one we tried today is their multi-grain loaf. First I have to say, this was my first experience with GF bread, and it was toasted (I imagine the texture would have bothered me if I had tried to eat it right out of the bag), but this stuff is good! Like, so good that I actually look forward to Corban rejecting his daily piece of toast in the weeks to come, so that I can continue to eat it. It was moist, very porous, and had great flavor. The ingredients are listed as follows:
Water, potato extract, rice starch, rice flour, sorghum flour, organic high oleic sunflower/safflower oil, organic evaporated cane juice, organic honey, egg whites, organic inulin, yeast, sea salt, xanthan gum, organic cornmeal, organic sunflower seeds, organic millet, organic flaxseed, organic molasses.
Also, this weekend we went to both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods in search of GF foods for Corban. Aside from some certified GF chocolate chips, Trader Joe's was a complete disappointment.  Whole Foods was a different story. I found- and purchased- all sorts of exciting and tasty-looking treats that Corban will reject over the coming weeks. I am looking forward to him branching out and trying these foods in the future, but as I try them I will also review them here.  Another "kudos" to Whole Foods for having coupons available to print directly from their website.


  1. Hey, Fred Meyer carries GF food, so does Safeway a bit. :)

  2. It's great you have such a good sense of humor. I laughed out loud reading this post. And Rudi's should give you a commission because I'm tempted to go out and buy a loaf - you've made it sound so tasty.