Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GF Cookie Mix

Tonight, on a whim, I grabbed a box of GF cookie mix and decided to see what my little boy thought of some "new chocolate chip cookies." From what I can tell, this is a fairly common brand, as I see it in pretty much every store's GF section, no matter how small. 

So, this is defenately not a "from scratch" recipe, but as I am completely new to the GF lifestyle, I figure I have to give everything a chance.

First bite, you can tell he's unsure.

These cookies cooked up really well. They ran quite a bit, so they became large and thin, but they are so chewy (which is a total positive in my book).  The main flour used in this recipe is rice flour, which, as a rule, I find off-putting when not cut with any other flour or starch to create a more pleasant texture, but it worked fine in this mix. The true test was whether or not my picky little man would eat them.

 It took two tries, the first time he picked up a cookie, took a small bite, and fed the rest to Nathan. But hey, he touched the cookie, which is a huge first step! He also tried a bite without gagging, which is very encouraging.  A few hours later I offered him the platter of cookies again and he actually picked up a cookie and ate the whole thing!

For some of you, this may not seem like a big deal. Woohoo Melissa, your kid ate a chocolate chip cookie. What 2 year old would turn that down?  Uuuhhhhh, mine would.  And has. Plenty.  Corban is terrified of food, anything that has to be bitten or actually chewed is often pushed away with shrieks of panic.

I wish my son would eat veggies and lean meat (actually, meat of any kind at this point would be exciting).  We are working on his feeding/texture issues and are looking forward to the day when he eats what we eat.  For now, he is primarily eating yogurt and drinking PediaSure, so we rejoice over his willingness to chew a cookie.  
He must have liked it, it's almost gone!

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